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Client Reviews

Marcus P., Alhambra, CA

Simply put, Michelle is a life saver.  And I don't mean that as hyperbole.

My son was falling farther and farther behind in reading.  So finally, halfway through his second grade year, we asked for an educational evaluation.  The results showed that he has an auditory processing disorder. No parent wants to hear their child has a neurological disorder, especially when you don't really understand what that diagnosis means.  The "expert" explanations were vague and left us with many more questions than answers.  And then there was the whole issue of how exactly this would affect his education.

My wife and I were scared, uncertain, ignorant, confused, and a bit overwhelmed.  That's when Michelle got involved.  It quickly became clear I should have called her sooner -  like before we even requested testing.

Marcus P., Alhambra as reviewed on Yelp!

Rosemina N., Duarte, CA

Michelle is heaven sent to our family. She's professional, reliable, compassionate & educated. She knows what she's doing. She thorough reviewing our kids documents and willing to go out of her way to help our family. We are forever thankful & grateful for her kindness. She gives us so much hope that our children will have a chance of getting fair and well deserved services and education.

Rosemina N., Duarte as reviewed on Yelp!

Linda H., Arcadia, CA

Michelle Becker was invaluable helping me get the resources my son needed and was entitled to according to the law.  When the College Board refused to give him extra time, we met to craft a letter addressing each objection the College Board set forth and to successfully overcome every objection with supporting medical documentation. She immediately knew what needed to be written to ensure my son received the extra time he needed given his severe learning disability.

Linda H., Arcadia as reviewed on Yelp!

Beverly G., Pasadena, CA

Amazing!! Amazing!!
Michelle Becker helped me understand and guided me through a difficult process in a confusing educational situation where I felt powerless. Through her expertise, I was able to produce an effective and tangible document that clearly defined the needs and rights of my child. I could not have done this without her. She truly understands the complex relationships between children, parents, schools and the law. In other words, SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!
Thank you!!

n.S., Alhambra, CA

The REAL deal!  Michelle is an amazing lady and incredible attorney.  We moved to Arcadia for the school district.  The first year there, our son didn't meet his IEP goals (1st time ever).  I was emailing his case carrier, principal, and director of spec ed ALL year long.  No one cared despite our legitimate concerns.  Enter Michelle.  She reviewed all the emails I've been sending.  She recognized our son's deficits.  Since it was our son's triennial, Michelle made sure all the tests were thorough.  Have you ever heard of an attorney who can interpret ALL the testings done?  We haven't till we met Michelle. She dissected the results before the IEP team did and shared her findings with us.  She had a great working relation with the Spec Ed director, to our surprise.  At the IEP, Michelle suggested additional testing that was missed.  The entire team was receptive of her recommendations.  It's as if she's running the IEP.  This year, our son is FINALLY getting the attention he needs.  His grades have improved.  We couldn't have been taken as serious without the help of Michelle.  She's wonderful to speak with and gives sound advice, not just as an attorney, but as a parent who raised 2 children, now young adults, with special needs.  Michelle, you are truly God sent.  We are so grateful for all you efforts and we look forward to continuing to work with you for our son's benefit.

Lisa L., Los Angeles, CA

We had a very challenging situation with my son's online school where my son was getting straight F's for almost three years on top of the fact that he was not receiving his accommodations as per his IEP. His online school completed dropped the ball on my Son and my constant requests for help fell on def ears. I was literally at my wits' end. I finally had enough and called Michelle. She met with us at my home and also at my office. She was patient, thorough, and guided us every step of the way through this emotional process. She was amazing at communicating with me and with all parties involved from beginning to end. With Michelle's knowledge and expertise, she fought for my Son, and we got exactly what we wanted and needed for my Son. My Son has been going to a Non Public School (which was recommended by Michelle) since November and he is now on Honor Roll and has received several awards since being at his new school. Michelle genuinely cares for each and everyone of her clients which shows. She is literally our Guardian Angel and I will forever be grateful to her for all that she did for my Son.

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