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individualized education programs (IEP's)

Additional Information

The IEP is created by a "team" consisting of parents, teachers and other necessary school staff.  The team looks closely at the needs of the student, identifies present levels of performance, sets academic goals and determines the necessary services the student needs to receive an appropriate education.  Basically, the IEP is a document that directs the special education program and the corresponding services for that particular student.

There are several necessary steps to create an IEP for your student:

1. Identification by parent/guardian or the school as a student that needs to be assessed based on current school performance  or has one or more areas of suspected disabilities

2. Assessment plan created by the school and approved by the parent/guardian

3. Assessment of the student in all areas of suspected disability

4. Eligibility of the student is determined based on the results of the assessments

5. IEP meeting is scheduled; IEP goals are developed and services are agreed to during the meeting

6. Special education services are provided as proscribed by the IEP

7. Benchmark progress of IEP goals is tracked throughout the year

8. IEP is reviewed at least annually to determine if goals are met/need adjustment

9. Student is re-evaluated - Every three years or sooner if needed

10. IEP services may NOT be discontinued without written agreement by parent/guardian


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